Finding The Crypto Unicorns

Blockchain technology will open opportunities beyond the scope of what we can imagine today, just as the Internet opened the door to things unthinkable at the time. Who would’ve guessed that in 2017 more than 50% of the Internet bandwidth consumption in the United States is to watch movies via streaming on Netflix, and video & audio via YouTube, the vast majority from mobile devices?

That is why Terrifico Capital is a bet to closely monitor the evolution of the cryptocurrencies and blockchains sector as a whole. And to identify the winners, the so-called crypto unicorns, those projects that can generate at least 100x return in the medium or long term.

In this industry, we are talking about that it will take between 3 to 5 years for the real winners to appear. Maybe Bitcoin is one of them. Today everything seems to indicate that it will be, but just as in 2004, when MySpace reigned on social networks, it may happen that a Facebook will appear that will take away the kingdom in a short time. So in reality, we have no certainty as to who will be the final winners.

Our commitment is to contribute directly to the construction of a better world, a decentralized world, where people can decide more about their destination, where more than 2 billion people can finally enjoy the benefits of financial inclusion. To achieve that, we want to make our contribution by financing the technology revolutionaries, financing their dreams, helping them to make it possible.

Today the market is practically virgin in a number of sectors and niches within the crypto sector, which is unthinkable. It is a “land grab” in 2017, everything is yet to be done.

It’s as if we imagine a new city, back in 1800. Which areas or buildings will be the most valuable in the next 50 years?

A similar parallel we try to do every day when we analyze the incipient amount of new projects in the blockchain that exploded like mushrooms in 2017 and everything indicates that it will only increase even more exponentially.

We’re betting on the long-term

If we look back, and learn from the experience of Internet 1.0 (basically developed between 1995-2000) we will see that the best financial return was for those investors who bet on the trend at the framework level, that the Internet was going to revolutionize the way in which people from all over the world live their days.

They bet on the companies that embodied the revolution: that revolutionary internet the way we communicate, do business, inform ourselves, read, learn, play, buy, etc.

What seems obvious today, was not so in 1996, when I was just beginning to hear about email and websites that could be accessed for free.

Today something extremely similar happens in the transformational impact of technology, only that there is the talk of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and blockchains, instead of email, internet, web pages.

I am sure that in 2027 we will look back and it will be just as obvious that this technological revolution would stay forever. And that dramatically impacts the way we live, do business, pay, buy and relate to money and valuable assets.

History repeats itself, with striking similarities. The opportunity is just as big, or maybe much bigger. This is just beginning and the time to invest is now.

There were many investors who at the time bet individually to choose the shares in the market that promised the most future. But the missing element is that the market may not have coincided with that investor’s personal appreciation, but the strategy was not the most appropriate.

At Terrifico Capital, we take that learning and incorporate it into our investment thesis to bring investors a chance to be exposed to this new financial asset, without having to worry about keeping up with the vibrant evolution that is happening today. continues this new area.

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